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Posted on: October 11, 2010 10:54 am


Welcome to my new blog.  I have been a fantasy commissioner since 1990.  I was 14.  Now almost 20 years later I have commissioned for over 20 years and countless leagues and scoring systems.

After all of these years one thing has become painfully apparent " Commissioning is tough and a lot of work".  You make all the plans, collect all the money, asssemle all the players, fill empty spots, settle all disputes, devise all the scoring, mangae website content, help design logos, set transactions, run transactions, handle all the calls about transactions, approve trades, block trades, and field the endless supply of sharply designed questions that are so ruthless in their delivery that they are meant to prove an owners point while at the same time defeating you.

What is our reward?  A very small number have their entry fee paid and an even smaller amount (VERY SMALL) are financially compensated.  Most of us put up with all the garbage of being commissioner because we want to play in a fair and just league.  We want are buddies to have a good time while at the same time being given the oppertunity to call their office at 8:30 in the leaving a message from Aaron Rogers.


I welcome all league commissioners to pop in and vent, talk shop, or simply to get a different point of view on an issue in your league.


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