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Posted on: March 2, 2011 3:14 pm

Seriously Consider This System

I've played in many different formats of fantasy baseball.  Roto, Category, Salary Adjusted, Sporting News, Cash Games Head-to-Head Categories and even Home Runs only for a season.  I found the same issue in every league.  They weren't all that much fun.  I love baseball and I love watching baseball, but these league all suffered because they weren't very entertaining.
The system I described below is just as intense as fantasy football and I would argue even more fun.  I loved them.  I have never had so much owner interaction and participation as I have had in my fantasy baseball league.  Its awesome!
I know you probably have never played fantasy baseball before and if you have or do the owners in your league are more than likely set in their ways.  Just give this league and system a shot and I guarantee the results will be overwhelmingly positive.
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