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Seriously Consider This System

I've played in many different formats of fantasy baseball.  Roto, Category, Salary Adjusted, Sporting News, Cash Games Head-to-Head Categories and even Home Runs only for a season.  I found the same issue in every league.  They weren't all that much fun.  I love baseball and I love watching baseball, but these league all suffered because they weren't very entertaining.
The system I described below is just as intense as fantasy football and I would argue even more fun.  I loved them.  I have never had so much owner interaction and participation as I have had in my fantasy baseball league.  Its awesome!
I know you probably have never played fantasy baseball before and if you have or do the owners in your league are more than likely set in their ways.  Just give this league and system a shot and I guarantee the results will be overwhelmingly positive.
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My Scoring System

Scoring System


Batting Categories

1B - Singles 1 point

2B - Doubles 2 points

3B - Triples 3 points

BB - Walks (Batters)1 point

CS - Caught Stealing-1 point

CYC - Hitting for the Cycle 20 points

GSHR - Grand Slam Home Runs 6 points

HR - Home Runs 5 points 

KO - Strikeouts (Batter)-1 point 

R - Runs 1 point 

RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point

SB - Stolen Bases 2 points


Pitching Categories

BS - Blown Saves -3 points

CG - Complete Games 5 points

ER - Earned Runs -1 point

INN - Innings 1 point

K - Strikeouts (Pitcher).5 points

L - Losses-1 point

NH - No-Hitters 20 points

PG - Perfect Games 30 points

PKO - Pick Offs 1 point 

QS - Quality Starts 3 points

S - Saves 7 points

SO - Shutouts 7 points 

W - Wins 3 points

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Finer points and rules of my fantasy league


Entry Fee: $70.00 ($50.00 + $20.00 Website) 

Winning Cash Pay Outs: 7/31/07 

Regular Season Pay Outs: 

Best Record $225 

American Division Champion: $100.00 
National Division Champion: $100.00 

Play-Offs Prizes 7/31/07 

1st 70% of Transaction Fees 
2nd 20% of Transaction Fees 
3rd 7.5% of transaction Fees 
4th 2.5% of Transaction Fees 


Division Winners: #1 Seed, #2 Seed (Ranked by record. Will Receive 1st Round Wild Card Bye). 

#3, #4, #5, #6 Seeds will be determined by record regardless of Division. 

Play-Off Schedule: 
Wild Card Round: #6 vs. #3, #5 vs. #4 

League Champion Ship: 
Lowest Seed vs. #1 Seed 
Highest Seed vs. #2 Seed 

World Champion Ship Game: 
Winner of League Championship Game vs. Winner of League Championship game. 

*** Losers of League Championship will play for 3rd and 4th place. 


Teams will be ranked first by record and then by total points scored. If a tie remains we will go to the "head to head" records and if we are still in a dead lock we will go to the final scoring for the previous week. 

During the play-offs all pitcher starts are guaranteed. If you have a pitcher throw, regardless of circumstance (unless he is a reliever), he will be counted towards your total. The only way you get kicked in the teeth is if you have more than 7 starts in a day. No more than 7 starts are legal in any one day. 


2008 Scoring Changes 
Runs, Quality Starts and Saves categories have been adjusted. Runs were added as a Category equaling +1pt per run. Quality Starts have also been added and will be worth +3. And Last but not least Saves have been enhanced from 3 pts to 6 pts. 2/18/08 

2009 Scoring Changes 
Hitting for the Cycle, The No-Hitter, and The Perfect Games scoring categories have all been increase. CYC = 20 (was 8), No-Hitter=NH 20 (was 15), and Perfect Game=PG 35 (Was 25) 3/3/09 

2010 Scoring Changes 

2011 Scoring Changes 
Saves Increased from 6 pts to 7 pts (9-0 Vote) 
ERA (Earned Run Average) replaces RA (Runs Against) for pitcher deduction. 
Stolen Bases Increased from 1pt to 2pts. 
PO (Pick Offs) added as a 1pt addition (1 Year Review) 

Transaction Fees: 

You pay what you bid. 

You may have 16 Active Players, 7 Players on your bench and one player in the Minors for a maximum roster of 24 players. 2 additional players will be exist in the minors as rookies and maybe promoted at anytime. Please see: "Rookie Draft" rules located near the bottom of this page. 

Once a player has been sent to the, "Minors" he is not able to return to your roster for 15 days. If that player is deemed ready in the middle of a game (7 day scoring period) that player is still not available until Friday. 

Line-up deadlines or Lineup Locks are designed to prevent owners from putting players in their lineup after they know the outcome of their performance. That is exactly how I interpret lineup concerns. If you have a player that is not going to play and you have a guy on the bench that can be subbed I am more than happy to sub him as long as that player has not played yet. I don't care if the website has locked lineups. The website does not offer the type of authentic flexibility a real owner or manager should have and my job is to help create that type of authenticity while at the same time properly enforcing and interpreting the rules. However these lineup changes are not automatic and revolve heavily on owners contacting me prior to the player on the bench producing any results. I will not correct these problems hours or days after. I may get to the computer to correct them hours or days later, but you must contact me promptly or give me some type of evidence you wanted to make a "Quick" change. Howie or Jason can be called/emailed if I am not reached. Message boards can time stamp problems as well as emails or voice mails. If the player on the bench is the only player that could possibly have been subbed and there is no rational reason why he would be left on the bench when another player was unexpectedly unavailable I still require a prompt call. Your opponent deserves the respect of your attention. Sportsmanship! 

Unfortunately owners have attempted to shoot so many holes in the process, strict rules have been put in place. They require tons of extra time to enforce, but again that's what it takes to have a sweet league. Our transactions are run Friday at 4:00 pm CST. Sometimes games have started before transactions have been run. When that happens, if you are picking up a guy who's game has already been played or is in the process of being played that individual will not be available on your roster until Saturday. I am going to give you a series of examples in order to save sometime here. Please see below.... 

Example A 
St. Paul is dropping P Chevy Chase. Chase has not yet pitched and his team has not yet played. Chevy pitched Thursday. As long as he was not pitching Friday and he has produced no statistical results he can be dropped and a pitcher may be put in his place. If the pitcher were pitching that day prior to drop/adds and he was active his stats will be counted. Any pitcher picked up using him as a drop cannot start again in the scoring period (even closers). DO NOT call the commissioner after knowing the outcome of his performance expecting any other ruling. 

Example B 
St. Paul Drops OF W. Snipes. Snipes game has not started and he wishes to add OF O. Epps. Even though lineups have locked he can request that player to be in his lineup for Friday. The only way this transaction would be forced to Saturday is if Snipes game has started. 

Example C 
Emergency Transactions can only occur Between Friday at 4 pm and Saturday at noon. Any and all request must be made to the commissioner in that time frame. Granted I am not always going to be near a computer at that time, but I need evidence on either my voice mail, message board or text message you are requesting the transaction. 

Any player dropped after the rosters lock is eligible to play, but only, "on that day" (Friday) and will be removed the following day. Pitchers dropped after the, "line-up deadline" will be manually removed if any additional players are added that will be pitching in that scoring period. (See: Summers Rule 5 Below) 

Closers are considered starting pitchers and will be viewed as if they are starting in that period. This is referred to in our league as, "stacking" and is not allowed under these rules. 

SUMMERS RULE 5 (4/18/09) 
Owners that place a bid on a player and are out bid will have the opportunity to make a $3.00 drop/adds For BATTERS between 4pm Friday and Noon on Saturday. PITCHERS ARE RESTRICTED FOR REQUESTS 4:00-6:00 pm on Friday. You will only be allowed to pick-up as many players as bids lost. If you lose a bid on a single player you are no longer allowed to pick-up multiple players. You will be restricted to just one add. The number of bids you lost will be posted on the message board for all owners to see after the conclusion of the FAAB process. 

Once a player is dropped he is not eligible to be added to a roster until the following weeks FAAB process. Obviously if you lose a bid and wish to add a player dropped the prior week that is completely league (if no bids were placed on him). However players may not be added to your team after biding has concluded that were cut in that weeks FAAB process. 

I reserve the right to make adjustments to this rule (by hours not days) based on the circumstances. Some teams treat information as a currency preventing owners from having all the information that they should and my job is to be fair to all parties. As commissioner you either trust me to do that or you don't. If you don't, then you need to find a new league. 

Emergency Transactions 
Every Monday we will process emergency transactions. Players dropped the previous Friday are not eligible to be added as well as players scoring in the top 10 at their position are not eligible to be added. Also any player coming off of the DL or serious prolonged injury in the majors are not eligible to be aded. Every owner should have a chance to claim those players. There is a $10.00 fee for emergency players. Emergency players can only be selected if a legal line-up for the week cannot be fielded. NO PITCHERS MAY BE ADDED ON MONDAYS! 

Players you designate to the, "Minors" are locked for a minimum of 15 days and cannot come off for any reason during their stint. It is a cost of $5.00 to send a player to the., "Minors". When you wish to call a player up from the, "Minors" you need to follow a few steps. #1 You must notify the commissioner you wish to place the player in your active line-up. #2 The player will not be available in your active line-up until at least 15 days has past. #3 All Call-ups and Send Downs are to take place on Firday. #4 The only time a player may be called up on a different day than transaction Friday is when that players fifteenth day is a Saturday, but you must contact the commissioner. #5 If you break one or any of these rules you will have the points removed from the player and your roster will be retro-corrected when the error is discovered. #6 Your first mistake will be a warning and every-time after will result in an accelerated fine structure which starts at $20.00. #7 Cutting players in your minor league system is a legal roster move. #8 A player does not have to be injured or presently in the, "minors" to be placed in the Minors. #9 There is no maximum time a player can be in the, "Minors", only a 15 day minimum. #10 If you make a mistake with your roster and create a situation where you are being charged over and over again for the same move it is your responsibility to contact the commissioner to have the error corrected. 

EXAMPLE: Derek Jeter is sent to the Minors on April 1st (Monday) and is scheduled to return April 16th (Tuesday) He is not eligible to return to active status until April 19th (Friday Transaction Day). Abuse or misuse will result in a warning and there after a $20.00 fine per occurrence after. 


The Rookie Draft will be scheduled the 4th week of August 
Starting Thursday and ending Sunday. 

Players that are eligible to be drafted must currently be in 
the minors with less then 50 games played. Pitchers who 
appear in more than 20 games will not be eligible. 

The rookie draft is a two round draft. Teams will draft 1 Position Player and 1 Pitcher in no particular order. 

Snake draft style will be employed and draft order is based upon current standings as of the monday following the 3rd week of August. 

Minor League Rookies can be called up the same year they are drafted. Calling a player up will result in forfeiting your extra roster spot 
eliminating the possibility of holding on to your prospect(s) the following season(s). 

Owners have the opportunity to shutdown 
players for the remainder of the season. Eligible players must be injured for 2 or more months and/or be injured for significant amounts of time in August and September. 

The MMLBFL will issue a free agent shutdown list the first Friday of every August. Free agents must fall within a specific criteria. 

**Batters** & **Pitchers**projected by cbssportsline to be in the top 40 
that are injured for the season or not expected 
back until late August early September. 

Remember if the player is currently on a team it is the owners choice if he wishes to shut that player down for the remainder of the season. 

If not on a team and failing within the specific criteria these players as of the first Friday in August, will be shutdown for the season. 

August 1st 

Rookie : Indicates a drafted player who has never been promoted to the majors (or league only). 
(R)(P): Represents a drafted player that has been promoted to the majors during the present season (our league only). 


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Welcome to my new blog.  I have been a fantasy commissioner since 1990.  I was 14.  Now almost 20 years later I have commissioned for over 20 years and countless leagues and scoring systems.

After all of these years one thing has become painfully apparent " Commissioning is tough and a lot of work".  You make all the plans, collect all the money, asssemle all the players, fill empty spots, settle all disputes, devise all the scoring, mangae website content, help design logos, set transactions, run transactions, handle all the calls about transactions, approve trades, block trades, and field the endless supply of sharply designed questions that are so ruthless in their delivery that they are meant to prove an owners point while at the same time defeating you.

What is our reward?  A very small number have their entry fee paid and an even smaller amount (VERY SMALL) are financially compensated.  Most of us put up with all the garbage of being commissioner because we want to play in a fair and just league.  We want are buddies to have a good time while at the same time being given the oppertunity to call their office at 8:30 in the leaving a message from Aaron Rogers.


I welcome all league commissioners to pop in and vent, talk shop, or simply to get a different point of view on an issue in your league.


The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or